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Cosmetics designer

In an ever-changing world where customers’ expectations keep evolving, it is now crucial to be able to adapt ourselves and anticipate the needs of tomorrow.
That’s why, we have integrated a global approach to innovation within our company. 
360° Innovation  is a real state of mind we apply through our products and processes in order to bring highly differentiating and valuable global solutions to our customers:

  • Formulation
    Thanks to our Technology Centre and a team dedicated to formulation and manufacturing, we are consistently proposing new products, new textures and applications.
  • Process
    In order to implement efficiently your products, we keep investing and improving our production processes: developing excellent products is not sufficient, it is necessary to manufacture them with efficacy and safety.
  • Packaging 
    We are in contact with small and large suppliers to discover before others, new kinds of packaging and introduce them to you.
  • Supply
    So as to bring you flexibility and timeliness, we are constantly searching for new supply processes to optimise your Time to Market.
  • Lean Innovation & co-creation
    We take into account every single feedback of our customers and collaborators to improve our products and services. This approach is perfectly in line with our lean innovation management. Moreover, we wish to establish strong and synergetic partnerships with our customers because we believe that our respective know-how and expertise are complementary and maximise our chances of mutual success.