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The fast evolution of new technologies have been transforming society and communication means : information is flowing faster than ever.
Knowing how to exploit these technologies to be informed and better interact emerges as a key factor of competitiveness.  Well managed, they can be growth drivers, enabling us to stay always more connected to our collaborators, our customers and more broadly, the market :

  • Trend trackers
    On the leading edge of new international market trends, we are connected to new technlogies in order to capture and interpret them, then enable you to anticipate future ones. Follow the trends or differentiate yourself ? We help you to adapt your offer to your positioning and projects.
  • Technological watch
    We « hunt » the latest technological innovations and innovative raw materials, so you can benefit from them before your competitors. In particular, our Technology Centre explores and exploits their potential through proactive projects we present regularly under the title « INNOVACTIONS ».
  • Internet and new technologies
    Convinced by the powerful potential they can offer, we have integrated digital technologies at the core of our strategy to remain alert on a highly competitive market and maximise our value creation. Throughout this approach, we plan to digitize further more our organisation and solutions to stay always better connected to expectations of tomorrow.