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Catalyst of ideas

In order to implement innovative global solutions, we are convinced that it is necessary to combine everyone’s creativity, open-mindedness, and expertise
With this shared vision, our team of experts involve themselves in inspiring, boosting and developing our customers’ new projects. Indeed, we have organized all our departments for enriching your thinking at every level :

  • Marketing & commercial support
    Any kind of development of new product needs first a deep understanding of consumers and markets. By exploring the last trends, we help you to detect new opportunities and propose tailored competitive solutions adapted to your needs.
  • Technical & regulatory support
    Throughout development, our technical experts advise you and follow a strict process of selection and control of raw material and packaging: we ensure quality, safety follow-up  and full conformity of your products according to respective international norms.
  • Projects partner
    We are involved in a strong partnership all along the life cycle of your products, even beyond their launches on the market. More precisely, we are able to proceed with bulk reworks or packaging changes at your demand and at any time. We can also propose improvement axes on your existing lines  or new complementary concepts.