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Aging gracefully

What about being beautiful whatever the age ?

Women and their vision of beauty are changing... By feeling more and more fulfilled while aging, they search for more products adapted to the evolutive needs of their skin, rather than classical anti-aging, conveying sometimes depreciating message: this phenomenon is called "Pro-aging".(vs. Anti-aging)

To answer to this growing mentality, we developped the PRO-AGE line, associating a positive communication to hyper-efficace and sensorial products, based on the last technological advances:

Reactivation of the natural auto-regeneration of the skin with a formula directly inspired from tissue engineering progress. 

Protection of the intercellular communication and nerve cells thanks to neurocosmetics actives.

Regulation biotechnological of skintone, activated in contact with the microbial flora naturally present at the surface of the skin.

This line can obviously be tailored according to your needs : galenic form, actives concentration, packaging...

English brochure available soon. (French brochure available)

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